opioid response & management

A training program to foster safe and healthy communities across Canada

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Prepare. Prevent. Respond.

The Opioid Response & Managament (ORM) training pogram is designed to empower and support Paramedic Service Organizations and Community First Responders to build an efficient Model of Care to identify and respond to opioid-related emergencies.

With two specific Toolboxes and one Instructor Workshop, the ORM training program offers valuable assests and knowledge for communities across Canada. 

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Who is involved?

Subject-matter experts and industry leaders developed the Opioid Response & Management training program based on extensive research and real-life, professional experience. This project is a collaboration between the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group), the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC), and Premergency Inc

The development of this project was possible thanks to the funding provided by Health Canada's Substance Use & Addiction Program (SUAP), and it is entirely FREE for community first responders  and paramedic services.

Help build resilient communities across Canada

Premergency CARE is a learning & development initiative by Premergency Inc, with the sole purpose to help build more resilient communities across Canada.

By empowering organizations, professionals, and communities with a wide range of solutions to support their needs and growth, and foster safety and preparedness; Premergency CARE aims to positively impact the development and results of learning initiatives that aim to improve the well-being of Canadian communties. 

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